Il lume non spento

Exhibition-tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, on the occasion of the fiftythird edition of the LericiPea Prize.
Prize president Pia Spagiari Benifei together with Massimo Bacigalupo, curator of the book of selected poems from Lawrence Ferlinghetti “Il lume non spento” and the “F. Conz” archive of Verona selected works and poems, whereas CAMeC art director Bruno Corà curated the installation of the works. Along with the works, the exhibition hosted a selection of poems which deliberately accompanied the iconic lyrics in a well-balanced visual counterpoint. The artist, brave guide to the Beat Generation and important representative of Fluxus and of the Concrete Poetry was thus described by Pia Spagiari Benifei: “The autobiographical aspects are mixed together with the eternal human and social realities: the American flag covered with insects, depreciated sign of a limited democracy, and the Samotracian Nike, symbol of liberation and eternity of art, are flanked by the boat of love superimposed by the boat of lost exiles”. Journalist Silvia Baglioni described him as follows: “Poet, novelist, dramatist, book-seller, publisher (founder of City Lights Book Shop, point of reference for the community which gave life to the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance) and surely not the least successful painter, Ferlinghetti outlined a true portrait of the twentieth century in his very personal and inimitable way, a portrait made of passions and contradictions expressed with anticonformism, rage, tenderness and freedom”.
On the day of inauguration, CAMeC hosted an inedited performance by Ferlinghetti, followed by a recital by Fabio Ferrari and “Inter Nos”.

The exhibition was carried out with the help and contribution of the Province of La Spezia.

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