The building and its history

The building was erected at the beginning of the XXth century as an elementary school. Among its students, sculptor Berto Lardera and collector Giorgio Cozzani.
Starting from the 20s the building housed both the Civil and Criminal Courts; it underwent the bombings of 1943 and was rebuilt in the immediate post-war period. Since 1994, when the Courts moved, it remained unused up to when it was destined to house the civic collections of modern art. The present-day building is the result of the radical transformation planned by Chiara Bramanti, an architect of the Municipality of La Spezia. Its façade is a spacious reflecting glass surface; the top floor is used as a terrace overlooking part of the historical city centre; furthermore, the terrace is often used for other purposes, such as expositions, open air meetings and buffets. A semicircular central staircase was built around a panoramic lift where there once was the inner court.
The three levels and the terrace were inaugurated in May 2004, and the total display area equals 1500 square metres.
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