The Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art, La Spezia
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Mercoledì 4 maggio, ore 17.30

Graffiti di combattimento
Musiche di normale antagonismo metropolitano

Giovedì 5 maggio, ore 17
Presentazione del volume di Guido Tonelli, La nascita imperfetta delle cose. La grande corsa alla particella di Dio e la nuova fisica che cambierà il mondo



The Centre was born with the attempt to preserve, expose, increase and promote the civic collections acquired with the "Golfo della Spezia" painting prize between 1949 and 1965 which have been expanded thanks to the generous donations from the Cozzani and Battolini collections.
Besides such mission, CAMeC intends to receive, signal and study the expressions of the most relevant contemporary artists with particular focus on the younger generations, of which it will be a careful observer.
The Art Direction is planning to create exhibitions of qualified critical and high cultural value, such as historical acknowledgement dedicated to authors and movements of the XXth century.
The new Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art of La Spezia is in the heart of the city.
The structure is the former Court, which has been restored in order to host archives, shows and events of modern and contemporary art.
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