2nd Floor
Permanent Collections
The National “Golfo della Spezia” Prize of painting dates back to the summer of 1933. The invention and organization of this exhibition are due to Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Fillia: a lively reunion of several second-generation Futurist artists and others gave life to that memorable summer and initiated the interest of La Spezia for contemporary art. The resumption of the event took place in 1949 and lasted up to 1965: until then it kept the original title, as a way to look back on its historical origins; it was then resumed in the year 2000 keeping a biennial cadence.
Its peculiar prize-acquisition formula has given the town about 300 works constituting the first group of the permanent exhibition housed by CAMeC. Due to its authoritative principles of selection, the Prize has documented and collected the complex events and the most significant results of Italian art and, since the year 2000, of international production (among others we mention Accardi, Attardi, Birolli, Cassinari, Guttuso, Martin, Moreni, Morlotti, Pintaldi, Pizzinato, Prampolini, Reggiani, Santomaso, Scanavino, Sironi, Sughi, Turcato, Vedova, Zwackman).
Permanent collections are exposed in rotation
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