2nd Floor
Permanent Collections
The collection donated to the Municipality of La Spezia by Giorgio and Ilda Cozzani in 1998 features about 1200 works. Among them are about 80 sculptures and about 300 drawings and paintings, in addition to an imposing collection of graphic arts which documents the Twentieth Century, moving freely in every direction. A succession of events that lasted for over fifty years, in which friendly relationships between the collector from La Spezia (who was a consultant in dermatology) and artists and art gallery managers mixed freely with trips to Germany and France in search of the missing piece, visits and purchases at the Venetian Biennial, at the Roman Quadriennale, or in Kassel at Documenta.
Among the numerous thematic nuclei, collected with great competence and far-sightedness, we should underline Expressionism, from the xylographies of the beginnings to the Neue Wilden, Bauhaus, Surrealism, the Figurativism of the second postwar period, the “Gruppo degli Otto” (Group of Eight), a relevant Non-representational presence, the Cobra group, and the most probably unique presence in Italy of Spur. Important examples of Spatialism and of Geometric Abstractionism are not missing, up to the most recent movements such as Kinetic and Programmatic Art, Optical, Conceptual and Minimal Art, Arte Povera, the most typical Pop and its less known forms, and moreover Land Art, Fluxus, Body Art, European and Italian New Expressionism and various performances Cozzani personally took part in.
Permanent collections are exposed in rotation
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